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MASQUERAGE! Paper faces on parade, Masquerage!

It's crunch time over here at John Faas Designs | ActII Costumes. This Friday is the much beloved Dayton Halloween event, Masquerage, and the ever popular Columbus Halloween event, HighBall Halloween! I've had the honor of designing costumes for both this year.

"Flash of mauve, splash of puce. Fool and king, ghoul and goose. Green and black, queen and priest. Trace of rouge, face of beast."

Woah! Sorry about that. Slipped into Phantom mode for a sec. If you're still looking for something to do this week(end), I strongly urge you to check out Masquerage CLICK HERE FOR INFO. It's the best party in town and the perfect way to party for a cause! (you may even run into me there!) Here are a few photos of what I'm working on!

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